"Amor Libera Lux", intervenção de Xana no âmbito da iniciativa "Vicente'13" com 14 impressões digitais sobre placas de PVC, Travessa da Ermida, Belém, Lisboa Portugal. Patente entre 7 de set. e 10 nov. 2013. Amor Libera Lux
My intervention at Traversa do Marta Pinto, Belém, in the city of Lisbon, summons the memories, the actual characteristics of the site and the Smith of Saint Vincent, making me reflect upon my situation as citizien both of this portuguese democratic republic, and a european "community" which is part of the so called "advanced" western civilization. 
But what is my place in that street? What is my position in that civilizational space?

Sure, when we approach public space we're always in the field of politics, because it implies our position in society.
What is then the sense of my acts in the complex context of such cultural pot, such regional community, such place?

The space is a narrow street, a bystreet with ceramic swallows, weeds peeking through the cracks, two or three commercial spaces and a deconsecrated chapel, inhabitants, tourists…
The world is also this landscape: ruins, little beings, secretions, objects and the functional and obscure relations between them.

I summon my story as well: affective, social, with memories and ideias about the world. All this will be present and, in the plane of principles, I proclaim my constructive dialectic and fraternal conception of Human relationship, grounded in the values of freedom, wisdom and creativity.

I fell the urge to cry… to ask.
Where are the crows?
Where are the heroes who'll give their life for a cause?
What do we do for this city, this "civilization"?
What do we destroy? What do we build?

These are the questions I want to present along the street, throught signs/letters wich might form words wich might be recognized by passers-by - or not -, forming icons with visual and verbal signification. Colour will as well have a strong presence, helping to connote the site with a space for festive celebration, provocation of the senses and discovery of ideas.

I depart from the concepts: freedom (unimaginable), sun/light, sea/water, wisdom (active), victory/vicentius/vicente and love (immanent), intending to provoke an essentially poetic discourse in the space. I hope that the relation of people with these concepts, shapes and site define a spatial diagram which activates the sensibility and imagination.

The senses will alert us and the ideas will set us free!

Summer 2013

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